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Black Leaf Recycler Bong Perco Herbs & Oil – Mix


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Black Leaf Recycling Herb and Oil Bong

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Product Description

Cute Black Leaf® glass bong that seems more innocent than it actually is! First, you are spoiled for choice whether you smoke herbs or dab oil/wax, because the glass pipe is equipped with both – a lift-off bowl for herbs as well as a banger for vaporizing oil/wax.

To cool the smoke before inhaling, there is a drum percolator. This provides a lot of air turbulence and water bubbles in the belly of the bong, which cools the smoke and provides a smooth, lung-friendly inhalation.

In addition, this glass pipe still has a recycle feature. This allows the raised water to flow back into the water chamber again and again, and is enriched with fresh oxygen each time. Other pollutants are filtered out in the process and settle on the bong wall. By the way, these can be easily removed with a good bong cleaner without leaving any residue. Conveniently, the reflux arm can be used as a handle, making the borosilicate glass bong very handy.

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