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Piecemaker Kwack Silicone Bong


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Kwack Silicone Bong

1 in stock

Product Description

If you want to smoke ‘in the bathtub’ instead of smoke ‘with your bathtub’, the ‘KWACK’ by ‘PieceMaker’ is the perfect bong for doing it. Because this pipe looks like an innocent and very cute rubber bath ducky you can always leave it standing within reach on the edge of the bathtub.

The chillum with the Hex-TexTM percolator designed ‘PieceMaker’ which ensures a lots of cooling water and air turbulences, hides inconspicuously in the belly of ‘KWACK’. The spacious screen bowl is the only bong element what is not made of silicone, but of stainless steel. The mouthpiece is the ergonomically shaped ‘Duck’s Bill’. The head of ‘KWACK’ can be easily removed for filling with water. It also makes cleaning ‘KWACK’ totally easy.

Due to the raised back shape ‘KWACK’ lays particularly good in the hand, and the kickhole can be comfortably covered with your finger. Of course, the silicone bong is absolutely waterproof and unbreakable and therefore also the ideal smokebuddy on the go. Because ‘KWACK’ does not only like to swim in the tub, but also loves to swim in pools, bathing lakes, etc. And sometimes even stranded…

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