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‘BL’ ‘Whirlwind’ Glass Bong with Turbine Blades


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Black Leaf glass Bong

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Product Description

This narrow ‘Black Leaf’ Whirlwind’ tube bong has a height of around 450mm. A special feature is that this ice bong has no down-pipe, because the large roll-stop bong bowl inserts directly into the flue, attached to the side of the main tube. The smoke first enters the main water-chamber via the 3-slit inline diffuser. Then the smoke is spun vigorously by the 5 turbine blades forcing impurities to be stuck to the inner wall of the bong. The ‘Whirlwind’ is also has a kickhole (carb), which injects a final blast of air just prior to inhaling. Complete with a large SG 19 ‘Roll-Stop’ bowl.

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