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Piecemaker Unicorn Silicone Bong


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Unicorn Silicone Bong

1 in stock

Product Description

If you still think that unicorns only fart glittering preciously scented clouds in rainbow colours, you don’t know the ‘Unikorn’ of ‘PieceMaker’ yet. Because the unicorn that looks so cute and innocent, is actually a bong!

The ‘Unikorn’ also convinces with the high quality of ‘PieceMaker’. You can already see this in the silicone used, which is of course free of harmful plasticizers. In addition the chillum with the unique Hex-TexTM diffuser developed by ‘PieceMaker’, which provides a particularly large number of cooling water and air swirls. By the way, the chillum hides inconspicuously in the belly of the unicorn. The spacious screen bowl for herbs is the only element made of stainless steel. And it is closed with a cap. The mouthpiece is the ergonomically shaped horn of the ‘Unikorn’. So that the sweet smoke corn can be cleaned easily, it can be taken apart.

The ‘Unikorn’ fits very well in the hand, whereby the kickhole can be covered comfortably with the finger. Of course, the silicone bong is unbreakable, waterproof and therefore also the ideal companion for travelling and on the go. Especially as it weighs less than two bars of chocolate.

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