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‘BL’ ‘Shirley’ pipe with diffuser adapter


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Black Leaf glass Bong

Product Description

The hand-made bubbler ‘Shirley’ by ‘Black Leaf’ is the first to catch the eye with its well-formed and handy curves. The herb head has a full 12mm opening and sits on an adapter dump, which has a shower head diffuser.
In this way, the air turbulence in the bulbous interior creates the most beautiful bubbles with voluminous smoke development. This is then drawn through the second chamber, pleasantly soft and filtered, and inhaled through the separate draw tube.

The round base of the water pipe ensures a secure stand and the wall thickness of 4mm makes ‘Shirley’ very robust. In addition, the curvy and very handy bong made of borosilicate glass is extremely easy to clean.

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