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Whip-It! Premium Butane is a highly trusted and supreme quality butane gas. With over seven decades of gas manufacturing expertise, Whip-It! butane is in the best form, virtually contaminant free. This makes it an excellent choice for food preparation as it means less carcinogens near food.

After extensive research and analysis, their technical team determined to source the purest butane from specific gas fields in the North Sea, covering about 200 miles off the Scottish Coast, the same source is always used.

The premium quality ensures your lighters and torches are free from clogging and produce the cleanest burn.
Purified multiple times through several chambers of active carbon towers, which are made of charcoal filters that refine the Whip-It! butane gas from all impurities and odor.
Free from fracking!
Further purified through a molecular sieve, known as synthetic zeolites, ensuring a final product with virtually zero impurities.
Optimum composition ratio of N-butane and ISO-butane molecules warrant maximum internal compression, topping the industry.
Most effective combustion quality assuring highest burn rate and cleanest burn.
Each premium can comes with 5 tip adapters for precise refilling into any lighter or torch.
Extensive quality control; Final product goes through diligent inspection processes that follow the ISO 9001, TUV and EN-417 European Standard quality control procedures.
Backed by several worldwide governing bodies from Quality Control Institutions.

Important Note: We retain the right to refuse sale of products to anyone we suspect of intending to break United Kingdom laws.

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