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True Hemp Organic Wraps – Sticky Gelato


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Kingsize Rolling Papers

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Product Description

True Hemp Wraps are made with pure hemp and are 100% tobacco and nicotine free, which means you get one of the cleanest smokes that a wrap can provide. These wraps come with 2 in each pack, you can be certain your wraps will be fresh with True Hemp’s resalable zip pack. The True Organic Hemp Wraps what we are selling, are all without tobacco and there is no excises stamp or warning! The True Organic Hemps are: Organic Hemp Wraps Aroma: Banana Length: 110 mm Width: 40 mm Quantity: 2 blunt wraps per package and 25 packages in a display. Note: if the package is not closed properly, the blunt will dry out and the rolling paper may tear while rolling. Attention: These products are only available in the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Italy, Luxemburg, Belgium, Island, Australia, Cyprus, Austria, Spain, Lithuania, Russia, Estonia, Bulgaria, Portugal, Ukraine, Greece, Croatia, Denmark, Hungary, Andorra, San Marino, Slovenia!

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