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Large Dry Sift Screen Set by Bubble Bags


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2 x screens

Product Description

Large Dry Sift Screen Set by Bubble Bags

The Large Dry Sift Screen Set from Bubble Bags is a kit which includes 2 industrial strength trimming and collecting screens for collecting plant crystals and making dry sift.

The aluminium framed screens are large enough for a bumper crop of plant trimmings.

The first screen can be used to quickly extract resins from plant matter, then use the second, finer screen to remove contaminants and detritus for a high quality sift.

An essential piece of kit for the home extraction enthusiast.

  • Mesh Sizes:
    1. Top Screen: 149 Micron / 110 Lines per inch
    2. Bottom Screen: 75 Micron / 200 Lines per inch
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