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Jetpack Black Illuminated Storage Jar by Smokus Focus


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Smocus focus

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Product Description

Made from super tough acrylic glass, the Jetpack is a new lockable storage jar from industry
favourites, Smokus Focus.

Since the launch of their stash jars, Smokus Focus have become one of our top selling brands thanks
to the superb robust build quality of their jars, their affordable pricing and their signature LED
lighting which allows you to show off your herbs like never before. Now they are back with their
newest storage and display jar – the Jetpack.

The Jetpack jar is equipped with a circular magnification window built into the lid, allowing you to
inspect the jar’s contents without opening it up. Optimum viewing of your herb can be achieved by
flicking on the integrated recessed lighting that illuminates the inside of the jar, so every crystal and
pistil can be inspected. The light is powered by a long-life CR1632 battery house in the toughened
acrylic lid.

The secure, lockable, childproof lid features a built in “scent vent”. That is, a small recess that can be
briefly opened to release the aroma of your herbs, again without fully opening the jar.
This top quality display jar is finished with a secure retail tether loop allowing you to display your
herbs without anyone walking off with the goods.

Airtight storage jar
Magnification window
Recessed LED lighting
Secure retail tether loop
Childproof locking system
Scratchproof acrylic glass

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