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Electric Rosin Heat Press 350kg


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Electric Rosin Press

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Product Description

Do it yourself – with this electric rosin heat press the production of delicious rosin dabs is totally simple and safe! Rosin is the name given to cannabis resin which is only extracted by pressure and heat. Rosin is therefore an absolutely pure concentrate, free of any solvents such as alcohol or butane gas. Due to the purity, but also because of the much more harmless production, the extraction with rosin presses is becoming more and more popular.

With the heat press which fits into a normal backpack and is therefore also transportable, the rosin extraction also succeeds beginners of dabbing. Important for the extraction of rosin is the combination of a little heat and MUCH pressure.

Simply pack flowers, buds or herbs into a filter bag or baking paper, heat up the press to the desired temperature, place press material between the press plates, close the press, set the timer to the desired duration, and off you go! With a pressure strength of 350kg, the press presses reliably – and completely without explosion danger! – the precious rosin from the vegetable material.

The correct choice of temperature and duration of the pressing process depends on the type, quality and state of the raw material and often requires testing with small quantities. As a guideline for pressing flowers, we recommend a temperature between 105° C and 110° C and a pressing time of approx. 35 seconds. We also recommend placing the rosin directly in the freezer after pressing. This prevents the terpenes from degrading and the taste from vanishing.

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