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Annihilate odours from hands and skin such as petrol, diesel, garlic and fish smells.

Cut right through gardening resins stuck to your manicuring tools ! Destroy coffee and red wine stains! Remove caulking, permanent marker and grease from tools.

The unique cleaning solution combined with the durable towelette causes grease and dirt cling to the wipe assuring it does not transfer back to the hands or surface. No more smears on the surface. The wipe lifts it off and inbeds it into the towel. CAN-A-WIPES is not any ordinary wipe!!!

Hand Cleanser
A Ready-to-Use cleaning wipe, NO WATER NEEDED! Just Wipe and Go. You can clean up anywhere! Unlike other wipes, CAN-A-WIPES does not dry out your skin. Our wipe has a great clean scent and softens the hands rather than leaving them dry and cracked since they contain 4 skin conditioners, including glycerin, lanolin, aloe and vitamin E. These wipes are TOUGH – NOT ROUGH!

CAN-A-WIPES are great for:
Cement Masons
Commercial Fisherman
Motorcycle Shops
Any manufacturing Plant
Agriculture / Farmers
CAN-A-Wipes will remove from your hands with one towel…
Black Jack roofing cement and urethane sealants. People who work with these products say that can never get it off – it just has to wear off their hands – not any more with CAN-A-WIPES!!!
Permanent markers
Cement powders – keep your hands from drying, cracking and bleeding in most cases.
The faster the job gets done, the greater the profit! The perfect solution for your industry, let CAN-A-WIPES do your dirty work!

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