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‘Blaze’ ‘Moonball’ Bong with Ball Percolator black


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Herb and Oil Bong

Product Description

The bubbler ‘Moonball’ from ‘Blaze Glass’ has an interestingly formed smoke path which leads through the double wall of the ball. In interaction with the drum percolator in the water chamber, there is a lot of water bubble generation which creates a great visual effect. Additionally, the percolators ensure cooling and filtering of the smoke.

The handy bubbler is handmade of heat-resistant borosilicate glass and is very sturdy with its 5mm wall thickness. Due to the heaviness of the glass foot, the percolator pipe stands absolutely safe. The herb bowl has a practical lift-off handle which also serves as a roll stopper.
After the respective modification of the bowl, the bubbler is also great for dabbing.

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