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‘Blaze’ Herbal Bong Ice incl.Banger / Carb Cap


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glass bong

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Product Description

With this very appealing, handy and extremely high-quality ice bong from the brand ‘BLAZE GLASS’, pipe smoking is simply a lot of fun, regardless of whether you are smoking or dabbing herbs or exquisite concentrates.

This is why the cute glass bong is equipped for both versions, namely with a lift-off head for herbs and a dabbing banger for oils, wax or other extracts. The banger has a larger capacity so that the Terp Pearls, also called Terp Balls or Dab Pearls, which are also included in the scope of delivery, can rotate really nicely. This means that the dabs can develop their full aroma at a slightly lower temperature. Because the glass beads distribute and store the heat optimally. To do this, first put the Terp Pearls in the banger, then heat the underside of the banger with a jet burner. After cooling down briefly, the extract can then be added to the banger. A suitable carb cap to effectively minimize air intake is of course also included.

Inside the bong, the drumpercolator lets the pipe water bubble properly. This cools the smoke and filters out pollutants that settle on the bong wall. Incidentally, this sour cream can be removed with a good bong cleaner without leaving any residue. There is also a turbine disk for further cooling of the smoke through air turbulence. If that’s not enough cooling, just put a few more ice cubes in the ice chamber.

The pipe made of borosilicate glass is super robust and stable, and inhaling is very pleasant thanks to the slightly wider rim of the mouthpiece. As the icing on the cake, there is a spiral pattern in the bottom of the bong, which gives the handy beauty that certain something.

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