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‘Blaze Glass’ Ice Bong Ufo Percolator Splash Guard


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Black Leaf glass Bong

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Product Description

Size does not matter – this is proved by the small and very handy multilevel glass bong of ‘Blaze Glass’ which is quite a ripsnorter! You have the diffuser adapter which ensures the first smoke cooling and filtration by the water swirls.
The smoke passes an ufo percolator, then it passes through a splash guard with slits. Last but not least, the smoke rises through a smoke path constriction into the last chamber before it is finally cooled, filtered, softened, but richly inhaled.

Whoever prefers an even cooler and smoother blaze can fill crushed ice at the smoke path constriction.
Due to its size and the many water and smoke swirlers, the water pipe made of borosilicate glass is also very good for dabbing (smoking oil). For this, you only need to exchange the herbal bowl with a large intake hole and a practical handle through an oil nail, banger or an oil pan matching the grind.

The wall thickness of 5mm makes the ‘small one’ very sturdy, even in continuous use!

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