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‘Blaze Glass’ Glasbong with 2x Ufo Percolator


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Black Leaf glass Bong

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Product Description

The multi-chamber bubbler of our premium brand’ Blaze Glass’ is handmade from the best borosilicate glass. The double ufo percolator provides powerful smoke swirling which ensures a proper cooling and filtering of the steam.
With a wall thickness of 5mm, the water pipe is very robust and the round base ensures stability, together with the comfortable ‘heavyweight’ of the glass pipe.

The bowl for dry herbs has a big intake hole and a practical handle for pulling out the bowl for the final kick. At the same time, the handle serves as a rollstop. The mouthpiece is rounded which makes the inhalation very pleasant. The silver ‘Blaze Glass’ logo is very discreetly placed over the base.

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