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Blaze Glass Bong with Turbine & Drum Percolator


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Blaze Glass Bong

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Product Description

The drum percolator plus turbine disc in this compact BLAZE GLASS® bong ensure a heavy storm in the bong water and thereby sufficient cooling of the smoke. As well, the smoke is also filtered so that it is pleasantly smooth.

The smoke turbine is made of best borosilicate glass with a wall thickness of 5mm which ensures high stability. The strong round food gives the bong a safe stand. Despite the relative heaviness, the blubber can be comfortably held and one can relax. The bowl for herbs can be lifted for the final kick thanks to the flat handle with burning or soiling the fingers.

The vertical standard grinding (SG 19) is ideal to use vaporizers with bong adapters. This brings variety into the daily bong life. This magnificent piece is also suitable for dabbing, simply because the herb bowl can be replaced by a banger or oil bowl – the oil rig is waiting!

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