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‘Blaze Glass’ Bong with 3x Drum Percolator


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Herb Bong

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Product Description

The incredible bong from ‘BLAZE GLASS‘ offers a lot of smoking fun. This is ensured by the multi-level system with three drum percolators for strongest air swirls and water bubbles. This cools down the smoke which is thereby filtered.

And smoother, cleaner taste optimizes smoke indulgence. Due to the bent mouthpiece, the bong smoker can take a comfortable position – for all who prefer to lean back BEFORE the first firing…

The lift-off bowl for herbs has a big intake hole – a screen is recommended. The vertical standard grinding (SG 19) is also perfect for vaporizers with bong adapter. Handmade of extremely heat-resistant borosilicate glass with a wall thickness of 5mm, this piece with stable bong foot fulfills the requirements for a long life span.

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