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Black Leaf Oil Bong Slit Diffuser & Spiral jade


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Herb and Oil Bong

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Product Description

This oil rig from Black Leaf® has not only a slot diffuser in the water chamber which makes the water neatly bubbling, but also a spiral, through which you draw the water up. This looks impressive when dabbing, but it also ensures that the water is virtually recycled when it runs back, as it repeatedly accumulates with fresh oxygen.

Unwanted substances settle down at the pipe wall during the recycling process. So you can enjoy a milder and purer hit of the concentrates such as oil and wax. The kickhole is placed at the front of the rig and is so equally suitable for both left and right-handed users.

It’s easy like this: put the nail into the grind opening, and heat the pan of the nail with a gas burner until the pan glows. Allow to cool briefly, add concentrate to the pan with a dabber, and wait until the smoke develops! Place the dome over the nail, so that no precious smoke gets lost, and the smoke even becomes denser due to the reduced air supply – and then enjoy inhaling!

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