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‘Black Leaf’ Mini Oil Bong orange/multi-coloured


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Herb and Oil Bong

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Product Description

Cute little oil bong from ‘Black Leaf’ with decorative patterns of coloured glass. As a special highlight, the little pipe has an eyelet through which you can pull a leather band or similar to hang it around your neck.

The oil rig is equipped with an oil nail and a protection and chimney dome. The dome can also be easily covered with a finger in order to achieve a stronger smoke development by minimizing the air supply. The chillum has diffusor holes so that it bubbles nicely and the smoke cools down a little bit.

Application: First (only!) heat the nail pan with a jet burner until it glows. Then bring the concentrate with a dabber onto the hot pan and put on the chimney dome. Then inhale the smoke slowly and enjoy.

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