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Black Aluminium 4 Piece Herb Grinder by Vibes x Aerospace


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Aerospaced Grinder

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Product Description

This 4 piece herb grinder is a collaboration project between Berner’s new Vibes brand and Aerospaced – a high end grinder manufacturer that uses aircraft grade aluminium to craft their shredders.


This new range of Vibes grinders and smoking accessories is the brainchild of influential US rapper Berner. The Taylor Gang artist first brought us the ever-popular Cookies lines of clothing and smoking accessories which took the community by storm. From rolling papers, rolling trays and killer T-shirts, Berner has further expanded his entrepreneurial portfolio with this collection of premium aluminium herb grinders with that iconic Cookie Family styling.


Made from precision milled 6061 aircraft-grade aluminium, the Vibes x Aerospaced grinder features ultra-sharp, diamond shaped teeth which shred your herbs to the perfect fluffy consistency every time. The 4-piece grinder has an integrated sifter or pollen catcher screen which filters out crystals and kief, allowing it to build up in the bottom chamber – Vibes even include a handy scraping tool for harvesting your kief. The whole thing is held together with high-strength neodymium magnets that aid the user to twist the grinder with minimal physical effort – ideal for people with limited strength or mobility in their hands.


These top quality shredders are finished with a smooth anodized finish and a classy Vibes logo on the top. Each grinder comes in a collectable triangular box with a see-through lid to display your piece.


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