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‘BL’ Icebong ‘Nautilus’ with Diffuser + Percolator


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Herb and Oil Bong

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Product Description

The ‘Nautilus’ glass bongs from ‘Black Leaf’ are very popular since a long time among smokers. With this ‘Nautilus’ Icebong comes a new version on the market: it has a 15-slit-inlinediffuser and a further special – the 4-slit-dome-percolator. Through the 15-slit-inlinediffuser the smoke is swirled very strongly, which filtered many of pollutants and settled them out on the bong.

On the next station comes the 4-slit-dome-percolator. It filtered again and makes the smoke more gentle. The Ice-notches are also for more cooling and so the smoke is absolutely gentle, when you breathe it in. The sure ground is strength two times. The big bowl has a roll-stop-function.

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