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‘BL’ Icebong ‘Nautilus’ w. Titanium Oil Nail ‘T2’


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Herb and Oil Bong

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Product Description

This great, special-priced combination kit of ‘Black Leaf’ contains one of the popular ‘Nautilus’ bongs, here with a 15-inline slit diffuser and herbal bowl, and a high-quality oil nail made of titanium. So you can enjoy with this combi kit herbs AND concentrates.

The ‘Nautilus’ glass bong of ‘Black Leaf’ has next to the inline-slit diffuser also a dome percolator. So the bong water and the smoke get strongly swirled, the smoke cools down and is filtered. For further smoke cooling, the spacious ice chamber offers plenty of space for ice cubes. This ensures a nice mild taste. A wall thickness of 4mm and a bi-stable grinding insert make the ‘Nautilus’ pipe very robust. The extra large ‘lift-off’ herb bowl does not roll off the table due to the roll stopper.

The oil nail made of high-grade titanium grade 2 fits as an attachment in the standard cut 14 and 19. He is a so-called ‘domeless’ nail with holes in the smoke pan, through which the smoke of the evaporating oil is drawn. Thus, no smoke dome/carb cap is needed. Titanium is the material of choice when it comes to breaking resistance. It heats up quickly and keeps the heat for a long time. You can also quickly disassemble the nail for easy cleaning.

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