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BL Ice Bong 2x Drum Percolator


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Blaze Glass Bong

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Product Description

Awesome multi level bong by Black Leaf®. Made of best borosilicate glass in two colours for the highest smoking pleasure!

✔️ Maximum smoke cooling

✔️ Double drum percolator

✔️ Robust quality

Respectable 7mm wall thickness of borosilicate glass protects the internal percolators, and makes the cool bong combination of ice and percolators very stable.

The smoke passes on its way to the mouthpiece several chambers. In addition, it gets swirled strongly by the two drum percolators. Then the smoke has to pass through the splashguard with percolator slits and the final ice chamber before it is inhaled, optimally cooled and filtered. This looks impressive, and shoots straight into the bloodstream, too!

The magnificent glass bong is equipped with a lift-off bowl for herbs. This has a large passage, and is simply lifted up for the final rip. The mouthpiece of the bong is pleasantly rounded which makes smoking through more comfortable.

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