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vacuum chamber kit

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Product Description

Our New BHO Hardware Stainless Steel Vacuum Chambers are a perfect entry level product to enable an efficient and effective degassing process.
This exclusive, functional and practical range of Stainless Steel Vacuum Chambers are a perfect solution for a wide range of degassing scenarios.
The new BHO Vacuum Chambers come with a wider base which enables an even, smooth and efficient purging solution. With sizes varying from 5L to 18L, there is a chamber for every size extraction.
Each chamber is supplied with a 3 foot hose which connects directly to a vacuum pump.

The high quality 304 Stainless Steel allows these chambers to be used 1000’s of times without losing performance, the stainless steel will prevent any bowing of the chamber and increasing longevity.
All BHO Hardware Vacuum Chambers are tested and signed off by the BHO Hardware engineering & quality control department before being dispatched to customers. All BHO Hardware chambers come with a one year guarantee.
Combine these Chambers with an Aitcool vacuum pump in order to pull a deep extensive vacuum on the chamber. Our exclusive range of Aitcool Vacuum pumps are supplied with a UK plug, free bottle of pump oil and instruction Manual. The pumps are CE marked and come with a one year warranty.

The Chamber Lid is manufactured from varying sizes of thick crystal clear acrylic and features an Isolated Vacuum Gauge along with two 1/8″ BSP Ball Valves – one is used to connect the chamber to the vacuum pump and the second is used to evacuate the vacuum after degassing.

• Capacity: 11L (280mm x 150mm).
• The lid has a heavy duty rubber seal designed for 1000’s of uses
• Stainless Steel Chamber
• Fully Assembled Vacuum Chamber with separate pipe which is easily connected and will safely heat up to 150°F.
• Clear Acrylic Lid
• Ball Valve to Release Vacuum
• Glycerin filled vacuum gauge
• Silicone Vacuum Pad

Aitcool Vacuum Pump – 4.5CFM
Tech Spec
• Single stage 4.5cfm
• 1/3 HP motor​
• Flow Rate – 128L/Min
• 320ml Oil Capacity
• 220v/50hz voltage
• Weight – 7.5kg
• Size – 280 x 115 x 230mm
• Ultimate Vacuum
o Partial Pressure – 2Pa
o Total Pressure – 150Microns
• 7/16” Jic Inlet Port

Heat Mat

This Digital Heat Mat is suitable for use with out Vacuum Chamber and Extraction Systems. The vacuum chamber or splatter platter can be placed on top of the heat mat, this will enable the degassing process to speed up and be more efficient.
The digital controller is extremely accurate, and will hold a desired temperature to within a degree Celsius (depending on the environment and air movement).
The controller has a temperature offset that will need to be found to set the controller accurately. Anything you attach to a heat pad to will act like a heat sink, so the set temperature on the heat mat will be different from the actual inside temperature.
Instructions for programming the timer and temperature are included.

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