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Sticky Brick Junior – Cherry


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Sticky Brick Vapourizer

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Product Description

The Sticky Brick Junior is the smallest vaporizer by Sticky Brick Labs. The magnetic bricks are easily taken apart and reassembled to form a discreet block of wood. High-grade glass and wood ensure safe use and pure vapour without any batteries or electronics.

Available in Cherry, Rock Maple, Spanish Cedar and Walnut.

How to use
The Sticky Brick Junior comes assembled and is ready to use. Simply hold the upper brick in one hand and gently turn the two smaller bricks with the other, breaking the magnetic connection. Slide the small pieces from the stainless steel, then twist and the two bricks will easily separate revealing the chamber.

Load with a ground herb (medium to fine grind)
Reassemble the Bricks
Adjust the torch flame to approximately 2 cm
Hold the flame slightly above the small flared intake glass and inhale while covering the lower carb/air hole
Dimensions and weight
Weight: 300 gram
Dimensions: 11.5 x 7.5 x 2.5 cm

What’s in the box
1 Sticky Brick Junior vaporizer
5 screens
2 wood stir sticks
1 stainless tool
1 Honest torch lighter (unfilled)
Sticky Brick Care
Gently clean the Sticky Brick Junior with a cotton swab or q-tip and warm water then dry thoroughly. Please do not clean wood parts with ISO alcohol and only condition with wood finish.

Do not touch the glass intake immediately after use.

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