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‘Oil Black Leaf’ ‘Dab Straw’ E-Nail


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Dabbing made easy with this handy ‘DAB STRAW’! The ‘DAB STRAW’ by ‘OiL Black Leaf’ is a so-called swab & dab e-nail with which you can vaporize extremely easily concentrates such as wax and oil due to the swab technique.

First fill the glass mouthpiece with percolator with a little amount of water and put it on the vaporizer. The water filter ensures a particularly pure and intense steam. After the ‘DAB STRAW’ which is operated practically by only one button has been activated, it heats up to the pre-set and ideal for dabbing temperature of 260° C (500° F) in just 10 seconds. This temperature is held for 35 seconds. During this time, swab the top of the heating element into your favorite concentrate and enjoy one or more dabs. It’s that easy!

Incidentally, the heating element is made of white ceramic that does not overheat while the dab apex is made of quartz glass. Due to the quartz glass, the taste of the concentrate remains virtually unadulterated. If the 1.500mAh strong, built-in lithium-ion battery is fully charged, it will last for at least 30 dab sessions. Battery full charging takes about 90 minutes.

The heating element is easily replaceable, a spare heating element is included. So you do not have to buy a whole new device if the heating element has a defect one day. The heating element is protected by a magnetic cap. The ‘DAB STRAW’ is packed completely safe in a great and very sturdy case with foam protection inside, so you can transport it and all accessories very well. The perfect dab buddy also on the go!

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Blue, Copper, Gunmetal, Stealth Black


DLX 14mm Water Tool Bundle, Standard

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