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‘Blaze’ Recycle Bong for Herbs/Oil with Carb Cap


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Herb and Oil Bong

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Product Description

With this very attractive, grippy and extremely high-quality glass bubbler of our brand ‘BLAZE GLASS’, smoking a pipe is really great fun, no matter whether herbs or exquisite concentrates are smoked or dabbed.

Therefore, the cute bong is directly equipped for both variants, namely with a lift-off bowl for herbs and a banger for oil, wax or other extracts. The banger has a large capacity, so that the terp pearls which are included in the scope of delivery, can rotate strongly. This allows the dabs to develop their full aroma at a slightly lower temperature. The glass pearls spread and store the heat optimally. First put the terp pearls into the banger, then heat the bottom of the banger with a jet burner. After a short time of cooling down the extract can be added to the banger. A matching carb cap for effective air supply reducing is of course also included.

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